Squares & Sharps, Suckers & Sharks: The Science, Psychology & Philosophy of Gambling

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In this book, we will examine:

  • The history and science of probability and uncertainty
  • Implications of chaos theory and quantum mechanics
  • The history of gambling regulation and prohibition
  • Why gambling is often condemned
  • The difference between expectation and utility
  • The irrationality of human beings
  • Pyschological biases including the favourite-longshot bias, the hot hand fallacy, the gamblers fallacy, loss aversion, hindsight bias, attribution bias, overconfidence and more.
  • Evolutionary perspectives on gambling
  • Gambling neurochemistry & the addictive power of uncertainty
  • The craving for control through gambling
  • Our flawed patttern recognition and belief engine
  • Luck versus skill in gambling
  • Evidence from sports, casino games, poker and financial investing
  • The paradox of skill
  • Market efficiency and the wisdom of crowds
  • Why winners take all
  • Cheating and trust in gambling
  • Why the forecasting process matters more than the outcome
  • Wider lessons for better decision making under uncertainty

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